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Below are summaries of several criminal complaints filed by the Racine County District Attorney’s Office this week. Please keep in mind that these people are innocent until proven guilty.

Woman Accused Of Scamming Credit Union

Another person has been charged for perpetrating a familiar scam against an Educator’s Credit Union.

Macnesha Broadnax, 20, of Milwaukee, deposited bogus checks using the credit union’s mobile banking service to the location in Sturtevant. After making the deposit, she then withdrew the funds from an ATM at 7025 W. Appleton Avenue in Milwaukee during September 2015.

In total, the credit union lost $1,794.40. She is charged with fraud against a financial institution.

Fight over cigarettes ends in stabbing

A woman high on cocaine stabbed her friend after getting into a fight over cigarettes.

Brenda McMorris, 54, of Racine, was doing cocaine with her friend on July 1 when the pair decided to go buy a pack of cigarettes, according to a criminal complaint.

After returning from the store, McMorris thought her friend had stolen the cigarettes. An argument ensued. Later, Morris showed up at the woman’s house and attacked her.

The pair were fighting on the ground of the victims apartment when Morris produced a box cutter from her pocket and stabbed her friend in the arm, then immediately fled the scene.

Man still had more party in him

After becoming too intoxicated, a Racine man attempted to bust into his friend’s house and attacked his friend hitting and biting him.

Officers with the Mount Pleasant Police Department responded to a home at 3:23 a.m. Thursday in the 2100 block of Howe St. There, Christopher Allen, 30, was attacking his friend, according to a criminal complaint.

Apparently, the friend told Allen he could sleep at his girlfriend’s house that night. But when Allen became too drunk and loud, he rescinded the offer because there were children in the house.

Allen showed up later that night kicking the back door.

He is charged with misdemeanor battery, disorderly conduct, obstructing an officer and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Teens accused of taking chainsaws

Three teens from Mount Pleasant are charged with burglary after stealing chainsaws on sometime between July 11 and 13 in Caledonia.

Kalub Gelmi, 18, Roberto Renteria Jr., also 18, and Jared Perri, 17, stole two chainsaws out of a shed in the Linwood Park area, according to a criminal complaint.

Police were tipped off to the trio when Renteria Jr.’s father brought one of the chainsaw’s into Central Saw on July 13, later saying he bought the saw from Renteria Jr.

When police interviewed the boys, the all initially tried to deny it. Though, Gelmi and Renteria Jr. both eventually copped to the crime.

Gelmi is charged with burglary of a building our dwelling. Renteria Jr. and Perri are also charged with burglary of a building or dwell, but also obstruction of a police officer.



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