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Editor’s note: All information was taken from the criminal complaints provided by the Racine County District Attorney’s Office. Defendants are innocent until proven guilty.

McDonald’s Employee Pockets Thousands From Restaurant

A Kenosha woman was charged with theft after stealing thousands of dollars from McDonald’s, 2610 Green Bay Road.

A business administrator with the company reported that one of their managers, Cynthia L. Williams, had stolen more than $12,000, according to a criminal complaint by the Racine County District Attorney’s Office.

Cash started going missing in March of 2017, the administrator reported to police, and the company had a surveillance video of the defendant placing cash in her pockets.

Investigators viewed footage of Williams removing money from her deposits and putting it in her pockets. The administrator stated there were other incidents not caught on camera because Williams deleted the footage or moved the cameras. Williams admitted to stealing, but told police it was only $1,000.

She is charged with fraudulent writings and theft in a business setting.

Man Asks Cop If He Wants A Cinnamon Roll During Arrest

A man was charged with his fifth OWI after Caledonia Police found him sleeping at the wheel of his truck in the parking lot at Speedway, 4690 Douglas Avenue.

When the officer found Adam B. Baranowski, 36, he poked him and woke him up. Baranowski didn’t know where he was, according to a criminal complaint.

When the officers asked Baranowski for his license, he reached into his pocket and pulled up a large stack of cash and began to leaf through it. He also offered the officer a cinnamon roll from a bag he had.

Baranowski had a .153 blood-alcohol level, almost twice the legal limit of .08. After being transported to the Racine County Jail, the arresting officer found .4 grams of cocaine in his back seat.

He is charged with operating while intoxicated, possession of cocaine and operate motor vehicle while revoked.

Out Of Work, Former Drug Dealer Gets Back Into Business

A Racine man was pulled over doing 54 in a 30 mph zone on Sunnyslope Drive only to have police discover a large amount of marijuana, cocaine, a pistol and ammunition.

Cody R. Peacock, 28, told police he was unemployed because of an injury and without workman’s compensation, he had to get back into the business, according to a criminal complaint.

When the officer pulled over Peacock, he immediately smelled a strong odor of marijuana. Peacock had about 184 grams, or more than 6 ounces, of marijuana. He also had 25 individually wrapped baggies of cocaine, three cell phones, empty sandwich bags, a semi automatic pistol and ammunition.

He’s charged with possession with intent to deliver marijuana and cocaine and possession of a firearm as a felon.

Pick’n Save Worker Used Stolen Cash For Cigarettes, Lottery Tickets

A Pick’n Save employee was charged with misdemeanor theft having used rebate cigarette coupons to steal from the grocery store.

Kayla M. Hilgers, 27, of Racine, stole $1,636 from Pick N’ Save, 5111 Douglas Avenue, over a four-day period. She was arrested Wednesday, according to a criminal complaint by the Racine County District Attorney’s Office.

She cashed in rebate coupons, then using most of that cash to buy scratch off lottery tickets. The rest she was pocketing.

She was also using a cigarette coupon to repeatedly buy cigarette packs.

Of the money she took, she spent nearly $900 on lottery tickets, and told police she used the rest to pay bills. She is charged with misdemeanor theft from a retail setting.