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A man from Kenosha was charged with a hit and run crash that happened in July on I-94 in the Town of Raymond.

Robert C Magee, 21, was arrested by the Waterford Police for suspicion of drunk driving after he was pulled over going 76 mph in a 55 mph zone. He later blew a .218 on a breathalyzer, according to a criminal complaint by the Racine County District Attorney’s Office.

His car had damage to the front bumper, there was smoke coming from the front of the vehicle and his airbags were deployed. He denied being involved in an accident, saying he bought the vehicle that way a few weeks prior. The officer didn’t believe him, citing the smell of a fresh air bag deployment in his report. 

He checked with dispatch to see if any nearby law enforcement agencies had a report of a hit and run. What came back was a hit and run in the Town of Raymond on Interstate 94. A Racine County Sheriff’s deputy had responded the previous night to a hit and run on I-94 near mile marker 327.

The victim in the crash had a 3-inch laceration on the head, but didn’t require stitches. They couldn’t identify the vehicle that hit them saying it was dark out and that they couldn’t remember seeing any approaching tail lights before they were hit.

Magee asked the Waterford Police officer to call his girlfriend and tell her what was happening to him when he was being arrested for OWI. HIs girlfriend told the officer that he called her earlier saying he hit someone on I-94 and his airbags were deployed.