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My name is Jackie Zach and I am a certified business coach with ActionCoach and the owner of a small retail gourmet food store.  I was recently in Missouri watching the eclipse and had a chance to witness a 360-degree sunset.  When we watch a typical sunset we only see its full glory when we face west. During the eclipse, I had the unique opportunity to see the sunset from all points of view, a 360-degree point of view.  No matter where I stood or what direction I was facing I was able to see the sunset.  It was miraculous!!

It was then that I realized that my business experience was a lot like the eclipse.  I’ve had the great advantage of seeing a business owner’s journey from a 360-degree vantage point.  I’ve been an owner, a coach, an employee, a salesperson, a project manager, an office manager, on the production line, a marketer, a student, a teacher and many other things that go into growing a business and a team.  I bet you have too!  I decided to write this blog so that I can share what I’ve learned as a certified business coach and a business owner to help you grow your business to be anything you’ve dreamed.

Personally, it is my mission to help you become even better than you are now. By being better you can grow your business to whatever you want it to be, giving your employees increased opportunity and helping your community thrive.  You have a healthy, growing business, your employees have a great place to work which in turn supports the communities where you all live and work.   It is a Win-Win-Win for all.

Through this blog and my role as your business coach, I will provide you with IDEAS to help you become a better business owner and therefore have a better business.  The concept of IDEAS came from one of my colleagues, Coach Todd Ruedt, after attending ActionCoach’s Global Conference 2017. It’s a great way to explain what a business coach actually does to help business owners grow themselves and their business.

Eye on employmentImplementationHelp you to take action.

Discipline Help keep you focused.

Education – Help you to learn the things you need to learn to grow your business.

Awareness – Help you understand what beliefs or ways of thinking are getting in the way.

Strategy – Help you to look at the big picture not just what is happening today.

I’m looking forward to our journey together as we share IDEAS and stories to help us all become better business owners.

I would love to hear your stories, feedback and questions so please email me at

Jackie ZachJackie Zach is an Action Coach certified business coach with offices in Racine and Elm Grove. She is also the owner of The Oilerie® in Brookfield. She can be reached at or (262) 901- 4253.

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