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Ever wonder if there is a better gift idea out there than that trinket or toy that gets played with right away and then forgotten or worse yet, broken, after a short period of use, never to be enjoyed by the recipient again? Or how about that teen or young adult who never seems to have enough money but is always sharing about things they’ve spent money on that may not be in line with your priorities or will help them in the future? Wouldn’t it be great to give them a gift that could provide benefits for many years to come?  The solution is easy and best of all, it can fit your budget.

Everyone’s financial future boils down to one thing…MONEY! And, with that of course, the ability to earn it.  Think of the people you know who’ve become disabled, laid off or lost their life before they (and their families) were ready.  All of these situations can create unexpected financial burdens.  We all like to think these situations can’t happen to us or someone we know but the fact is they do!

Think back to that person we just mentioned a moment ago, how do you think their life would have been impacted if just ONE caring family member or friend cared enough to use the money they would have spent on that long-forgotten gift, and instead laid out the groundwork for a plan that could have protected against this potential financial stressor?  How would they feel about you now?

What is the easiest solution to these scenarios?  Life insurance!

Life insurance from Modern Woodmen of America can be custom designed to provide the following benefits:

  1. Fit nearly any budget and life situation
  2. Paves the way for your family member or friend to kick start their financial plan
  3. Provide extra cash in case of emergency or hard times.
  4. May be used as a vehicle to save for college expenses.
  5. If established early, life insurance protects insurability.  Once you have it, it cannot be taken away, regardless of your health, provided premiums are paid.
  6. Encourages wise spending habits and priorities.
  7. Provides a TAX-FREE death benefit to surviving family members who are named as beneficiaries.

Whatever gifts you choose to give, remember that there is no better gift that life itself.  That most precious gift we have should be enjoyed and cherished.

Jonathan Nelson

Financial Representative

Chapter Membership Coordinator

Chapter Activities Coordinator

p: 262-221-8299

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Racine, WI 53406
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