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The Racine County Sheriff’s Department says a Racine woman convicted of misdemeanor retail theft is now facing felony escape charges after she allowed the battery in her GPS tracking unit to go dead, and she couldn’t be located.

According to the criminal complaint, Sarah Carvajal, 47, was convicted earlier this year of misdemeanor retail theft. She was allowed to participate in the day reporting program, which gives her a certain amount of freedom while being monitored through a GPS tracking device. On Oct. 3, Carvajal let her battery go dead, so tracking data was no longer being transmitted.

Officers say they went to her last known address on Mead Street as well as to the last address recorded on her device but couldn’t locate her. A $5,000 warrant was issued for her arrest, and by Tuesday she was back in custody but refusing to appear in court.

Carvajal’s initial appearance was adjourned until Wednesday. She remains in the Racine County Jail.