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Letter To The Editor:

Alderwoman Sandy Weidner claims to be a democrat, or a Democrat. The difference between those two is more than a capital D.

A Democrat believes in a strong middle class and works to raise incomes and restore economic security. They help create good-paying jobs, fight for economic fairness, and stand against inequality. A Democrat believes in bringing Americans together and removing barriers to opportunities. A Democrat will work to protect voting rights, to fix our campaign finance system, to combat climate change and build a clean energy economy, and to secure environmental justice. A Democrat will fight to provide quality and affordable education to everyone in their community.

Alderwoman Weidner doesn’t uphold core Democratic beliefs and shouldn’t make the claim of being a Democrat. She belonged to the DPRC in the past (in 05-06), but we don’t remember her helping John Lehman or Cory Mason in ’06 (she did donate $25 to Cory’s campaign in ’06). Nor do we remember seeing her at a party meeting, or at a campaign office since then. She hasn’t given any monies to State of Federal candidates, nor has she worked to get any Democrats elected to office.

Cory Mason has supported these values in word and deed. The Democratic Party of Racine County has proudly endorsed Cory Mason for Mayor of the City of Racine.

We encourage you to vote for the real Democrat in this race – Cory Mason – on Tuesday, Oct. 17th.

Meg Andrietsch
Chair, Democratic Party of Racine County

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