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Like it or not, Foxconn is coming to our county. This will have a tremendous effect on the entire area – including our city. The city is also about to elect a new mayor.

This is a time of great opportunity.

We’ve had one previous mayor leave in disgrace, and the next one exited before his term ended; leaving many of his plans unfulfilled.
I know both mayoral candidates, and I am supporting Cory Mason because it is critical that we choose a mayor who understands collaboration and how to work with others. His opponent has touted a record of 17 years on the Common Council, but during these years she has not been capable of building a consensus on issues.

This is not a record of accomplishment for the leader of our city. The challenges and opportunities that will unfold in the future can only be met by someone who works well with neighboring municipalities, governmental bodies and the businesses, organizations and people in the region.

Racine deserves a mayor with a vision of the opportunities possible, the ability to effectively communicate this vision, work toward the area’s common goals and lead in a constructive, positive manner. The mayor we need is Cory Mason. Vote for Cory Mason October 17.

Lorna George

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