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A Racine man, who stole a woman’s debit card and left her with only 26 cents in her bank account, has been charged by the Racine County District Attorney’s Office.

Daniel Ahles, 36, of Racine, was charged Thursday in Racine County Circuit Court with four felony counts of identity theft as well as one count felony possession of marijuana with the intent to deliver near a park or school. If convicted, he faces up to 29-1/2 years in prison.

According to the criminal complaint, Ahles was visiting a woman at her house, and when she went to the bathroom, stole her debit card. He went to a nearby gas station and made four withdrawals; three for $202.95 and one for $142.95, leaving the woman with a balance of only 26 cents.

Police say Ahles is seen clearly on gas station surveillance video using the ATM machine and admitted to using the card but said the woman gave him permission.

In another case pending against Ahles, officers say a confidential informant purchased marijuana from Ahles near Mat Matson park.

Ahles remains in the Racine County Jail on 2 separate cash bonds of $10,000 each. He will next be in court Oct. 18 for initial appearances for both cases.