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The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) has scheduled a public involvement meeting to present and discuss the proposed improvement for the WIS 38 (Northwestern Ave.) Root River bridge replacement. The meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 9th at Gilmore Middle School in the Cafeteria.

The meeting will follow an open house format, so you may stop in anytime between 4  and 6 p.m. to review the proposed improvements and provide comments to WisDOT staff regarding the project. All persons having an interest in the project are encouraged to attend. The construction is scheduled to take place starting in the fall of 2021 or 2022.

The existing WIS 38 structure over the Root River is reaching the end of its useful service life and is unable to provide the capacity needed for acceptable operations for the intersections of WIS 38 and County MM and WIS 38 and Rapids Drive. The purpose of this project is to replace the existing bridge structure with a new, structurally sound structure that improves modal relationships and mobility for all users.

Proposed improvements include replacing the existing structure over the Root River with a new, wider structure that accommodates additional capacity at the intersection of WIS 38 and County MM. Upgrading signals at WIS 38 and Rapids Drive with a signal head over each lane, and providing pedestrian accommodations at WIS 38 and Rapids Drive.

More information will be provided at the meeting regarding traffic control alternatives. Full road closure of WIS 38 versus staged construction. Impacts on real estate, access and environmental issues.

Contact Information
WisDOT Southeast Region
141 N.W. Barstow Street
P.O. Box 798
Waukesha, WI 53187-0798