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Despite positive remarks from Interim Mayor Dennis Wiser that the arena project could be a bright spot in the city’s future, Mayor-elect Cory Mason says it’s time to move on to something else.

Mason’s comment comes a day after Wiser spoke with a group of business leaders at the Ad-Hoc Mayor’s Advisory Group, which is part of the overall arena review process, a story in The Journal Times reads.

“As far as I am concerned the project is still moving forward, and it still has legs and wings and whatever other appendages you need to move forward,” Wiser is quoted as saying. “We are looking forward to a bright future with this.”

Both Mason and former mayoral candidate Sandy Weidner said they would veto the arena. While Wiser was careful to note that the project is not yet at the stage where a veto consideration is appropriate, he also said he think there are enough votes on the Common Council to override one should it be necessary, the story continues.

“The council has only voted to study it, and right now, there are sufficient votes supporting the event center that could overcome a veto,” Wiser is quoted as telling the group.

When Racine County Eye reached Mason for comment Friday about Wiser’s optimism, he reiterated his opposition and urged council members to listen to residents.

“I am still totally opposed to the arena,” he said. “I hope Alderman listen to the people of Racine on this. We need to move past the arena and onto other things that will move the community forward.”

The 2018 budget includes funding for the arena, but even if the Common Council approves the budget on Nov. 7 – the day Mason is scheduled to be sworn into office – a separate vote is required to approve that spend.