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By Jackie Zach: Your Business Coach

One of the things that I hear over and over again from business owners is “I can’t find great employees!” or “There are no great employees out there!”

WithWisconsin’s unemployment rate at 3.2% as of November 2017 according to the BLS current population survey(CPS),  it is no wonder business owners feel this way.  Is there anything that can be done? Is it just a foregone conclusion that there are no great employees to be had anywhere?  I have good news for you! There are things that can be done to attract great employees.

The first place to start is to look at your business from the prospective employees’ point of view. It is time to get real with yourself and your organization.  Hold up that mirror. If you were a great employee would you want to work for you and your company?

Have you defined a vision for your company that inspires employees to work together to realize that vision? Remember, people are excited to work for companies that have a well-defined purpose.  It is a reason to jump out of bed, excited to begin a new day.  People are also excited to do business with companies that have a great vision!

Do you have a written culture statement that defines the rules of the game for each member of the company? A well-defined culture gives your employees a framework by which they work, treat each other, treat customers and strive for excellence.

Now’s the time to be honest with yourself.  When you take a good hard look at yourself and your organization, is there evidence of people taking ownership, accountability, and responsibility for results or is there blame, excuses and/or denial?  Is everyone having fun, including you?

The great employees you’re looking for are out there working for someone else.  If you want to attract great employees you have to be a great place to work. Is yours that organization?

If you suspect you have some work to do in this area I would recommend getting yourself a great business coach.  They will be able to look at you and your organization from an outsider’s perspective.  They will act as your mirror to help you see the things you may not want or can’t see on your own.  A business coach will help you create a great organization that attracts great people.

Jackie Zach

Jackie Zach is an Action Coach certified business coach with offices in Racine and Elm Grove, Wi. She is also the owner of an olive oil store in Brookfield, Wi. I’d love to hear from you so please email call 262-901-4253 with feedback, ideas or to talk about your own business.