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Starting Feb. 5, Racine County Eye along with our advertising partners will be sharing opportunities to win prizes such as a free personal training session with Mt. Sinai Gym, 4-pack family tickets to the Racine Zoo, 2 tickets to the Racine Symphony Orchestra, and with new businesses signing up every week, we are sure to be offering more and more chances to win!

Here are the rules. Just sign up for our free newsletter, the RaScene Daily! That’s it! That’s all you need to do to qualify to be a winner.

RaScene is our newly designed daily newsletter, which highlights the news of the day, events, business promotions, trends, hotspots, Beer :30, and gets you right to the local information you want to start your day.

Prize winners will be announced on Fridays at 3 p.m. on Racine County Eye’s Facebook Page and posted in the newsletter. There may be some weeks that prizes are not available, but don’t fret because this contest will be going on all year!

So get started today by signing up for the free newsletter by clicking on the graphic below.


Businesses can email Trudy Coombs at for information about how they can participate in the RaScene Daily Small Business Promotion and Giveaway.

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