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Three candidates will be on the ballot for the City of Racine 8th District Common Council seat during the primary election Feb. 20. The two people with the most votes will run against one another in the spring election on April 3.

Racine County Eye asked all three candidates to name three of the biggest challenges facing Racine, identify the long-term goals you have for the City and why you chose them.

A candidate forum will also be held from 6 to 7 p.m. Thursday at the Martin Luther King Community Center, 1134 Dr. Martin Luther King Dr.

Here’s how the candidates answered:

Brandon Campbell

Brandon Campell
Brandon Campell

AGE: 26

ADDRESS: 1600 Albert St.


The reason I choose them because they are the biggest issue for Racine at the time.

  • Raise the job growth
  • Lower the crime rate
  • Lower the homeless population

The three biggest challenges for Racine are job growth, the crime rate and lack of communication from law enforcement. I would like to see more job training centers in Racine to help train people for jobs, create a get a scared straight program in Racine to show at-risk teens the reality of jail and have law enforcement talk to the people more.

Malcolm Platt

Malcolm Platt
Malcolm Platt

AGE: 34

Address: 3234 Northwestern Ave.


Simply put, the people deserve to have the best government for the lowest cost and they have a right to be fully informed of the plans and actions of the government they fund.

  • Lower taxes
  • Create more efficient government services
  • Complete governmental transparency

Brain drain, loss of businesses and neighborhood blight. My method for improving all three would be to lower barriers to entry for business, including removal of pointless regulations and partnering with local businesses to understand what knowledge and skills they need to fill their vacancies. Finally, I’d develop an incentive program to increase property ownership as studies show that those who OWN their property take much better care of it than those who are temporal tenants.

Q.A. Shakoor II (i)

Q.A. Shakoor II 8th District Common Council
Q.A. Shakoor II

AGE: 64

Address: 1516 W. 6th St.


OCCUPATION: Twin Disc Inc.; small business liaison officer, MRO and commodities buyer

These three items are a few of many that will enhance and improve the quality of life in wonderful Racine thus, a clean, safe, and attractive future.

  • Support fire, emergency medical service and police protection that citizens deserve
  • Family-supporting jobs
  • Redevelopment and economic growth

Taking advantage of the education that is available on all levels with proper support systems. Being prepared to participate in the current and future workforce opportunities. Racine is landlocked making it a challenge for growth. Work in collaboration with RUSD, Gateway, UW Parkside, Carthage College, Visioning a Greater Racine, Racine County Workforce Solutions, Higher Expectations, and other Partners. (#1 & #2) Continue to partner with Racine County Economic Development Corporation and others. (#3)

Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.