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A quiet yet dramatic development is happening in the Greater Racine area. It’s something that everyone who calls Racine home should find interesting and encouraging.

Starting in the Spring of 2016, over 1,300 Racine-area residents representing the diversity of our community attended a series of 47 community brainstorming sessions put on by a grassroots non-profit organization called Visioning a Greater Racine. 

The curious and caring neighbors at these gatherings were asked to respond to a simple yet powerful prompt:

“By 2030, we have created a flourishing community we are all proud to call home.  What specifically would you like to see happen to make that a reality?”

There was a flood of amazing ideas; over 4,000 of them. They included everything from improving the business climate to ways we can protect our precious natural resources.

Each group submitted their top five ideas. All top-five lists were reviewed extensively and combined into 11 themes. Subjects ranged from education to the economy, to exhibiting pride and a positive self-image.

Then came the hard work – putting ideas into action.

The community got its first look at the 11 themes in October 2017.  Since then, over 300 people and 32 community organizations have signed up to serve on W.A.V.E. teams (W.A.V.E. stands for Working, Action, Vision & Engagement) charged with bringing the ideas to life.

W.A.V.E. teams started swinging into action this January, exploring the community’s input and assessing possible courses of action.  The teams are open to anyone wanting to get involved. You can roll up your sleeves and help make things happen, or just show up for meetings and listen. W.A.V.E. team efforts will bring improvements in the months and years to come.

By Tom Buhler, VGR President, Board of Directors

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