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Ed WillingName three long-term goals you have for the Village and why you chose them.

Conservative governance – we’ve always been conservative, but the future is growth. And it’s important to keep that mentality when tempted with development and new revenue. School district – the most common issue that comes up from door to door. Necessary for future growth. Long-term needs of young families like my own. Zip code – seems petty, but part of a distinct Caledonia identity. So many have a smaller stake in village affairs because they don’t identify with Caledonia schools or even their home address. It’s as important as your family’s surname. Let Caledonia be Caledonia.

What are the three biggest challenges the village faces and how would address them?

Avoiding big eyes as money comes in, and making sure that which made us a destination for new young families remains. Strengthen our position in the Racine County area so we attract businesses that provide for our residents, and residents stay here, instead of moving as kids get older. Debt can threaten our village as infrastructure looms in the future. We do not want to put the cart before the horse and raise taxes to pay for things too soon. We can grow into our boots as a community if we have stable, consistent leadership.

The Village is poised for growth. How should it adapt to that growth?

We need revenue for growth projects, so… Keep TIF districts to a minimum, and only for funding infrastructure, not attracting development. Foxconn’s arrival only means business needs fewer government incentives, not more. Also, growth in the area means more strain on already controversial power plant expansions in the north village. We need to make sure the needs of residents and businesses are balanced and that Caledonia benefits from this growth, rather than just underwriting it for others.

How would you describe your leadership style?

Pragmatic, but principled. Stubborn on the right issues, even when it rubs some career leaders the wrong way. Laid back, but vocal when necessary.

Why should people elect you?

Because families my age love Caledonia, but we need a bigger voice in village matters. Also, Caledonia needs to keep moving forward, not backward. And at this important moment, our biggest asset as a village is optimistic stability. I offer that stability to the village residents.

Learn about Ed Willing’s opponent, Fran Martin.

The Spring election will be held on Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018.

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