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Quick Fixes before putting your house on the market always pay off. While people appreciate vibrant and sophisticated painted walls, they do keep an eye for small details. To exceed their expectations, you need to work on the following fixtures.


If you want to invest in your home before you sell, you better start at the kitchen check this site for real information. The point is, buyers usually have some scratch saved for wall painting or other touches, but they will be moved if they see a well-equipped and furnished kitchen.

  • Cabinets

Appliances and cabinetry are costly to replace; If you don’t replace them, you can save some money. But if you don’t work on the cabinetry, it will cost you, potential clients.


Kitchen remodels have great return rates. Mid-range kitchens have a better return than high-end ones.  Buyers don’t want to pay for appliances but they will prefer a resurfaced kitchen with decent space, and fine cabinetry is a sure way to win your buyer. So replace the doors and hardware. If your cabinets are dated, you can paint them, and add a trendy touch.

  • Counter Tops, Sinks, Faucets

This is another game changer, especially if the buyer is a woman. You don’t need to invest a fortune on granite or quartz counters. Instead, new faucets, lamination, and sink will do. Make sure there is no leakage or stained areas.  Re-rinse the whole thing to make it look inviting.


Bad flooring sounds like an expensive fix; this is a major turn off for buyers. So make sure you have the original floor, hardwood oak, etc.

Wood floors are appreciated, but buyers have their own preferences. Some like carpeted floors while others look for fancy ceramics. Plywood is a cheap and quick option but check the market before you consider one of the following options:

  • Hardwood Floors

If your property has hardwood floors, your buyers will be happy. You may want to remove carpeting, and have the wood refinished.

  • Carpeting

If you have plywood, you better opt for light tan carpeting. Neutral carpeting always pays off for resale. You can choose hardwood but if that’s out of your budget, then at least opt for carpeting.

  • Ceramic

If you have ceramic flooring, make sure it looks good. Chipped and cracked tiles won’t do you any good. Clean the grout because ceramic is all about aesthetics. It’s an expensive flooring option, and buyers do pay for it. However, they won’t want to buy a home with cracked or chipped floors.

Roof and Outside

If you want to be successful, you need to avoid generic words in your ad. This also holds for your home. If your home needs new roof, go the distance. Even if the roofing is a tear-off job, take the time.

Buyers don’t want to fix a bad roof, it doesn’t increase home value but does help you to sell fast. Also, make sure there isn’t any maintenance issue by taking care of these items:

  • Patch Cracks in sideways
  • Refinish Driveway
  • Plant some Flowers
  • Caulk Doors and Windows
  • Get New Locks and Doorknobs
  • Paint Fences

Here’s a resource that goes over some of the tools that will allow you to make these remodels.

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