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The insidious and infectious nature of racism showed its despicable head at a recent basketball game between Racine Horlick and Franklin high schools. It seems that some of the kids of the white supremacist persuasion took it upon themselves to hurl racist insults at the black players from Racine. It has been my experience that racial intolerance of this magnitude is a learned behavior, or an ingrained element of decadence passed down generationally.

More than likely, these student’s actions can be attributed to the fact that they were displaying psychological influences from their environmental conditioning. This display of racial bias and xenophobia also makes It is plain to see that the City of Franklin, like Racine and Milwaukee, has the toxicity of systemic racism running through its historical bloodlines.

Systemic racism can be traced back almost to the formation of this society, and over the many generations of systematic control of black people, this depravity has become embedded as being characteristically normal in American society.  So, one does not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out why some young middle-class white kids feel privileged to exercise various forms of programmed and traditional ancestral thoughts of authority.  In most cases, white kids in suburbia are very aware of current events, more so than their counterparts of color and understand that they are the future power brokers of America. So, it is only natural that they are following the bigoted and race-based authorization handed down to them by the most powerful elements in America today, the Republican Party and its despicable agenda, fueled by the raging racist ideology of white nationalism.

It is sad that these young white nationalists cannot understand that, the truth of this insanity is, racists and bigots are small-minded frightened people who have nothing else to do but throw insulting verbalizations instead of using common and civil discourse.  Let’s hope that the racially biased students who attend Franklin High will grow into individual mature adults and understand the absurdity of racism.

Chester Todd

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