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Carrie Glenn
Carrie Glenn

Name three long-term goals you have for the city and why you chose them.

1. Racine has become known as a crime-ridden, failing community. We must repair that image for the emotional well-being of those who live here and to show others that Racine is a safe and welcoming community to locate to.

2. We desperately need to strengthen our financial footing. Immediately cease all major capital improvement projects until Racine’s debt is reduced by at least 25%. This will improve our bond rating and bring about much-needed tax relief.

3. City Hall is “top heavy” for a city the size of Racine. We have work to do to be more efficient for all citizens of Racine, evaluating and making adjustments to our hiring of department heads and how those current roles are being filled. We need to have priorities clearly aligned, as well as making fiscally responsible hiring decisions. Living and working within the city is an important aspect of one’s background. We need to strive to find people within our city who know and care for Racine’s needs. #LiveRacineToKnowRacine

What are the three biggest challenges Racine faces, and how would you address them?

1. Too many citizens of Racine do not feel engaged with their community and feel like they are being governed rather than being represented. It’s very telling that most of our local festivals have abandoned Festival Park and youth sports leagues have relocated to outlining municipalities. We need to make a better effort to make Racine an inclusive community that our citizens can develop a sense of true ownership.

2. Small businesses have been complaining about the heavy burden of regulations and preconditions that must be met prior to opening their doors to the public. They are an important part of Racine’s economy and need relief.

3. No employers of significant size have located in Racine for a long time, even though there are several sites available to them. We need to explore the possibility of a waiver of some of the state regulations on internet service and make it available here if possible. It is a basic need for modern commerce.

The City of Racine remains among the highest with its unemployment rate, and 11,000 Racine residents don’t have a GED or high school diploma. How would you address that?

See points 2 and 3 above regarding unemployment. While the statistics on education are disturbing, they are not a problem that falls under the purview of the city council. If RUSD comes to the council with specific requests for assistance that we can render, we should welcome the opportunity to help, but until then, we should focus on our own responsibilities, which are many.

How would you attract new businesses to Racine?

If we create a safe community, populated with citizens who are engaged in and proud of their city, where businesses are welcomed and not made to feel that they are being preyed upon with fees and unnecessary regulations, they will be much more inclined to locate to Racine.

Why should people elect you?

Because I’m just like them! I want a city that we all can be proud of. Where we can be comfortable living our lives and raising a family. Feel confident that our local government is helping us to achieve that instead of constantly wasting our hard earned tax dollars on failed projects to make themselves feel important.

Learn about Carrie Glenn’s opponent, Dennis Wiser.

The Spring election will be held on Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018.

Find your polling location here.

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