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Last night, Racine County Eye was invited to preview the 2018-2019 season of the Racine Theatre Guild’s show line up, and we were not disappointed in the choices!

The Racine Theatre Guild is a volunteer-based community theatre that has been operating since 1938.

Theatre Guild

The evening began with refreshments and excited chatter about the upcoming season.

Choosing which plays will be featured during the season is a pretty daunting task. With 10 volunteer members on the committee, and over 120 plays to be read and judged, only eight actually make the cut.

Theatre Guild

Under the direction of Doug Instenes, the announcement of the plays was in the form of readings by volunteers.

First up and scheduled for July 20th-29th is Peter and The Star Catcher. Explore an unknown world beyond the second star to the right filled with swashbuckling pirates, jungle tyrants, beautiful mermaids, a nameless orphan and his mates, and a precocious Star catcher.

September 14th – 30th brings Blithe Spirit to the stage! A skeptic at heart, the novelist Charles Condomine invites self-proclaimed medium, Madam Arcati to his home to research a séance. Not only is she surprisingly successful, she accidentally helps Charles conjure the spirit of his late wife, Elvira, much to the displeasure of his new wife, Ruth.

Racinians and all Wisconsinites will love Lombardi! Five-time NFL champion and two-time Super Bowl champion, Vince Lombardi is the man behind every Green Bay Packers’ legend. Whether you bleed green and gold or enjoy a fantastic piece of theatre, you will want to reserve seats for shows scheduled October 19th -November 4th.

Back again is A Christmas Carol: The Musical. Showtime are scheduled December 7th-16th. Capturing the hearts of audience members young and old alike, Ebenezer Scrooge returns to tell the story of redemption and hope. Rousing music, memorable characters, and an unforgettable tale will leave you filled with holiday cheer!

The season continues into 2019 with Things My Mother Taught Me, running January 11th-27th.  A young couple are excited to move into their first apartment, but their furniture will not fit, the moving truck goes missing, and parents get into squabbles – can anything else go wrong? The idea of “mother knows best” hilariously gets flipped upside down in this heartwarming, romantic comedy.

Late February brings murder and mystery with Wait Until Dark! Susy has a simple life as a housewife, despite being blind. One night, she becomes the key in a conman’s scheme to find drugs hidden in her home. Things quickly turn into a deadly game of cat and mouse. Try not to scream with this thriller! Shows run February 22nd-March 10th.

The Lion, The Witch And the Wardrobe is the Racine Theatre Guild’s community outreach play for 6th graders.  Shows run April 5th-14th. When an ordinary wardrobe transports four children into the enchanted world of Narnia, they begin an adventure towards their destinies as rulers of the land. C.S. Lewis’ classic book has been magically transformed for the stage celebrating generosity, courage, and the triumph of good over evil.

Last but not least, and a topic that is relevant today is 9 to 5 The Musical. Fed up with having to work for a “sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical, bigot,” three female coworkers bond over their disgust and concoct a plan for revenge. Based on the hit movie and filled with unforgettable, original music by Dolly Parton, this musical will have your toes tapping! Shows run May 10th-May 26th.

Make sure to save room on your calendar for some if not all of these performances by the Racine Theatre Guild.