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Dale StillmanName three long-term goals you have for the Village and why you chose them.

1.We need to keep Caledonia as a rural community but need to focus on the growth of Caledonia with the influx of Foxconn coming into the area. This will be the biggest challenge that the area has ever encountered.

2.Develop our business park DeBack Farms. This is a very large impact on the area that needs to be developed as soon as possible but we need to find good businesses that will not overload our resources. Finding good businesses to help with our tax base.

3.Develop the I 94 corridor with good businesses and use good common sense while we change the zoning requirements.

What are the three biggest challenges the village faces and how would address them?

1.We need to grow but also need to protect our spending so that our taxpayers’ interest is our focus as we grow whether it is manufacturing, retail, residential housing or service businesses.

2.We need to grow our residential areas so we develop neighborhoods that people will enjoy living in with their families. Larger lots, green spaces within the subdivisions not just a lot of houses where children can’t play. We also need to consider good areas to develop as rental units for the people moving into the area before they purchase homes, Due to the projection of not enough housing for the people coming into the area to live and work.

3. We need to focus on Caledonia as a fair and friendly community, working with the residents and any new development to get the paperwork done in a timely manner so the projects can move forward quickly.Time is money and people need to get answers quickly to move forward.

The Village is poised for growth. How should it adapt to that growth?

We have a very good core group of leaders in the village, with that being said we need to move quickly and cautiously to make the correct decisions for all projects. With my skills and background, I feel I would be an asset to the process. We need to attract businesses without a lot of incentives to bring them to Caledonia. They will want to come to Caledonia because of the community not because of a lot of incentives.

How would you describe your leadership style?

I am a listener, I will listen to everyone and review all the material and then make my decisions based on the facts doing the best for Caledonia.

Why should people elect you?

I feel that I have a very good background in business and am a listener to the people. I have been endorsed by the former village president Bob Bradley and many other people in the community. I have time to get involved because I am retired. I have the people of Caledonia’s best interest in making any decision.

Learn about Dale Stillman’s opponent, Kathleen A. Trentadue.

The Spring election will be held on Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018.

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