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Ronald Molnar

Name three long-term goals you have for the County and why you chose them.

Public Safety/Emergency Preparedness: This is the absolute most critical responsibility and my highest priority. Making sure that our residents are safe in their homes and in our communities is job #1. Our abilities to respond in emergency situations and provide the needed services to maintain life safety and critical infrastructure is crucial to our well-being. Mental Health Services: Racine County has put forth tremendous efforts to aid individuals and families in need of vital services in this important area. Increased focus and training for our terrific Human Services staffs and emergency responders have shown positive results. We’ve got more work to do, but we have a strategic plan to provide increased services to reduce the chances of volatile situations (individuals needing services) falling through the cracks. Job Training & Recruitment: Our unemployment rates are continuing to fall to the lowest levels that we’ve seen in decades. Economic growth in our area is booming with opportunities. We are working hard to provide a trained, competent job-ready workforce to meet the increasing demands upon us. This is a key area that the collaborative efforts of Racine County’s Workforce Solutions and Gateway Technical College are working tirelessly on.

What are the three biggest challenges the County faces and how would address them?

Intergovernmental Agreements relative to Economic growth/Infrastructure expansion, We have seen very positive results by doing what we do: Engage in Dialogue; Develop Relationships, and Build Trust to reach Solutions. No one entity can be successful without the engagement and teamwork necessary to achieve the desired goals. Transportation/Accessibility. This is a major focus of the entire region and requires communication and cooperation and strategic planning in wide-ranging and impactful decision-making to provide the resources and opportunities needed. Mental Health Services. For many, this area may go unnoticed, until it impacts them, oftentimes unexpectedly. We must continue moving forward with diligence and attention to this important matter. Training in Trauma-Informed Care is being provided to better prepare our team of professionals and our community for the impactful nature of trauma so that we can continue to provide the best services possible.

The County is poised for growth, but many County residents struggle with employment. How should it adapt to that growth?

As mentioned above, this is a major focus of many resources and collaborative efforts. Phenomenal efforts are underway to provide resources to increase the marketable job skills and accessibility of all Racine County Residents.

How would you describe your leadership style?

Accessible, In-touch, informed and involved. I believe that my neighbors and the residents of Racine County deserve to have solid representation that uses sound judgment and reasoning to yield the best possible use of their hard-earned tax dollars.

Why should people elect you?

My commitment to excellence and demonstrated leadership in many arenas have proven to my constituency that I have earned their trust, and their confidence: • Chairman, Board of Commissioners, Housing Authority or Racine County (since 2007) • Firefighter/EMT, Kansasville Fire & Rescue Department (since 2009) • Board Member, Racine Zoological Society Board of Directors (since 2011) • Commissioner, Village of Mount Pleasant Police & Fire Commission (Since 2013) • Board Member, Racine County Human Services Board (Since 2016) • President, Kansasville Fire & Rescue Association (Since 2011) • Member, Village of Mt. Pleasant Zoning Board of Appeals (since 2017) I’m grateful for the support received over the 8 years that I’ve been in office, representing constituents, listening to concerns and bringing ideas forward with effective, experienced, intelligent leadership. I’m in-touch and aware of the wide array of issues that impact County residents. The months and years ahead will be challenging and monumental for our County’s economic growth and job creation. We have a terrific path forward and I ask for your continued support on April 3rd.

Learn about Ronald Molnar’s challenger, Donald J. Trottier*.

The Spring election will be held on Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018.

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