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‘Tis the season of road construction. The latest road to be festively adorned with orange cones is WIS 32 in Caledonia.

Starting this construction season, 1.7 miles of WIS 32 will be reconstructed to better fit the growing needs of the village.  An additional lane will be constructed at the intersection of 6 Mile Rd and WIS 32, along with intersection improvements at 5 Mile Rd and WIS 32. The intersection of 6 Mile Rd and WIS 32 will be lit up with traffic signals to improve the flow of traffic.

One of the biggest concerns the project will seek to remedy is the accommodation of pedestrians and bicyclists in the area. In addition, the physical condition of the pavement will be improved to increase the longevity and safety of the road.

The traffic on the 1.7 miles of WIS 32 will be rerouted during the construction process but access to local properties will still be available.

The project is still in the design phase.

For more information contact the Wisconsin Department of Transportation at the email or call 262-548-5902.