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Chester Todd Jr.
Chester Todd Jr., 75

For years, like many others, I have been critical of the leadership and lethargic mannerism of the local branch of the NAACP; however, my attitude has changed since Mr. George Nicks ascended to the presidency of the organization. In the brief time that Nicks has been at the helm there seems to be a new surge of determination by the board, special committees, and general membership to address issues relevant to Black progress and survival, and I say, it is about time!

You won’t see or hear Nicks jump, shout, act in a threatening or disparaging manner, but believe me, his heart and intentions are real and pointed in the right direction. This is apparent by his willingness to delegate duties of importance to other members along with his depth of understanding pertaining to modern day issues affecting the life chances of Black people, brings an air of excitement that has been missing in the organization and Black community for many years.

These are some very trying times for Racine, and we invite all concerned persons, of all races, denominations, and ethnicity, to join George Nicks and the rest of our membership to partake in the new and exciting wave of hope being presented as a healing force for our embattled community!

Let me repeat, I am excited about the resurgence of determination being shown by the longtime membership and those of us who just came aboard. A one-year membership is only $30; however, understanding that everyone does not have money to spare, we still invite you to volunteer your services in this important fight for equality and social justice.

C.T. 4/16/18 Chester Todd’s One Black Man’s Opinion OBMO