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It is disappointing to witness our local and state elected officials turn a blind eye to the plight of Black people in Racine.

Also, it appears that the local and national party of Black salvation, the Democrats, has chosen not to address the racist status now nationally recognized as being Racine’s most prominent and distinguishing characteristic.

Sure, the powers that be have offered up a potential 900 jobs to divert the pressure off the state lawmakers and Foxconn, pertaining to their refusal to properly address a decent employment plan, 20-20-20, for diversity. That should have been written into the contract from day one. The proof of their indifference lies in the fact that the report — cited in USA Today in November of 2017 — pointed to Racine as being one of the top five worst cities in America for African Americans to live.

This has been completely ignored and considered a point of inconsequential annoyance. This proves that many of the state officials, of both parties, knowing the stats and realities that hamper the Black poor in southeastern Wisconsin do not consider Black lives important.

It should also be stated, that the fault not only lies at the feet of whites because the only Black public official that has even dared to address this issue in the city council has been John Tate II.

The elephant in the room, the 24/7 report, is being ignored twice over because apparently, the other Black council members are either afraid or have been bought out for a few pieces of gold, which in the long run will prove to be copper. However, their reluctance to speak up may reflect the nonchalant attitude and acceptance by Black residents to let things remain the same year after year without question.

Why would whites care to address issues concerning the lack of Black progress, when Blacks, in Racine remain caught-up in the grips of a slave mentality, showing no willingness to fight or almost no interest in their own welfare?

It is not enough to holler foul when one of us get brutalized or murdered by the police, there are many other social ills that are suffered upon us daily and we just limp off into the darkness like wounded dogs, apparently waiting for a better day to materialize, by happenchance!

Two things were told to me from childhood, that a closed mouth does not get fed, and nothing beats a failure but a try; however, at this most important space in time, it seems we are doing neither!

C.T. 5/19/18 Chester Todd’s One Black Man’s Opinion OBMO

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