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After years of listening to snide allegations and racist innuendoes plus living under discriminatory threats to our school system, there seems to be hope on the horizon.

By promoting the knowledgeable and compassionate former Deputy Superintendent of
schools, Dr. Eric N. Gallian, to the position of leadership, Racine has made a giant step forward in the anticipation for a much needed newly paved system of direction for educational and academic competency.

At a recent gathering of a small but interested group of leaders and parents from Racine’s minority community, Dr. Gallien, who is Black, introduced his staff and explained his agenda for a more promising school system in our community.

One point of interest, at least for me, was the fact that Dr. Gallien was born and raised in Milwaukee and has worked his way up through the ranks of academia while becoming very knowledgeable about the needs of students from different social and environmental backgrounds.

During this excellent presentation, the Dr. and his staff appeared ready to take on their future responsibilities as leaders for our community’s school system that serves over 20,000 students and oversees approximately, 1700 teachers.

After listening to Dr. Gallien’s very detailed and informative presentation, I must admit that I am enthusiastic and have a feeling of confidence about the academic future of our children, especially Black and other minority students who will be attending schools in our community.

Realizing that, “no man is an island among himself”, it will be imperative that our entire community, Black, White, Hispanic, and others become involved and supportive of this young energetic leader and his subordinates as they take on the responsibilities of formatting the future for Racine’s most important attributes, our children.

One black man’s opinion,

Chester Todd

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