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There’s a new trend going on around the globe, well it’s been around for about eight or ten years now called Art Drop Day, where artists (amateur, student and professional), painters, cartoonists, illustrators, crocheters, knitters, jewelers, woodworkers, metal workers, animators, and artists in all mediums place their finished art out in different public areas, hoping someone will discover it and cherish the gift. Or they will place an unfinished work of art so that the finder can finish it.

It is also interactive, as the artist leaves a note with their art work, asking the finder to use the hashtag #ArtDropDayRacine and post the find to social media. This way, the hider and the seeker become bonded through the art and possibly, just possibly end up having a friendship they normally would not have.

This year, Art Drop Day falls on September 4, and art work can pop up that day in almost any public place.  Racine County Eye will be helping to share clues, showcase the finds, and help the artists connect with the community through its Facebook page. You can print the tag at the end of this article for your art gift and upload it with the hastag #ArtDropDayRacine

art drop day

Art Drop Day Racine is the product of the efforts of Rene Amado, a local photographer who has participated in this event while living in the state of Texas, and would like to see the community get more involved in the arts here in Racine.

“I know there’s more artists here in town than we get to see so I’m hoping that by spreading word of this that we’ll get more of them to come out and share some of what they do. It doesn’t have to be any big masterpiece or anything, art drops can be as simple as sketches and poems on post it notes. It helped me gain some followers and I always thought it was cool to see where my photos would end up.

So, if you are an artist or a want-to-be artist and would like to participate, all you need do is follow the instructions on the event page on Facebook. Let’s all get behind the arts with #ArtDropDayRacine.

art drop day