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A series of undercover drug purchases this spring and into the summer could land a 30-year-old Chicago man in prison for more than 100 years.

Maurice D. Bryant was charged in Racine County Circuit Court on Wednesday with 14 criminal charges that carry a total fine of $215,000 and 116 years, six months in prison.
Bryant is charged with a felony count of manufacturing/delivering heroin, possession with intent to deliver near a school; six felony counts of bail jumping; three felony counts of manufacturing/delivering cocaine; and one felony count of manufacturing/delivering heroin.

The first felony carries an additional five years in prison because the alleged crime took place near Giese Elementary School.

Bryant, who is being held in custody on a $20,000 cash bond, made his initial court appearance Wednesday. He was released on bond in both and ordered not to commit any further crimes, which led to the bail-jumping charges. He also has a previous conviction for manufacturing/delivering cocaine in Racine County in 2016.

According to the criminal complaint:
Officers from the Racine Metro Drug Unit, with the use of a confidential informant, made controlled buys from the defendant on April 11, May 24 and 30 and July 16. The purchase April 11 of 1.6 grams of heroin took place about 300 feet from Giese Elementary School.

On May 24, the informant purchased six small baggies that contained 1.2 grams of cocaine in the 3200 block of 17th Street in Racine, and on May 30, the informant purchased .6 grams of Acetyl-fentanyl, along with 1.7 grams of cocaine at 1627 Washington Ave., Racine.

The final purchase, July 16, was for 1.4 grams of cocaine and took place at 1100 Washington Ave., in Racine.

He is due back for a preliminary hearing Aug. 15 at 8:30 a.m. Court records indicate the defendant has two pending cases in Racine County relating to drug activity.

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