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Racine – City of Racine Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services (PRCS) announces the results of the Lake F/X Games held on Saturday, July 28, 2018 at the Pershing Park B3 Skate Park.

Placing in the Scooter-ama Competition:

Beginner & Intermediate Combined:

1st place – Roylor Acosta

2nd place – Charlie Boncosky

3rd place – Steel Falaschi

4th place – Edward Lashley


1st place – Blake Berry

2nd place – Austin Larose

3rd place – Forrester Martinez

4th place – Kenny Lewis

Placing in the Lake F/X Skateboard Competition:


1st place – David Hagen

2nd place – Alex Blake

3rd place – Zachary Reynolds


1st place – Dylan Myers

2nd place – Joshua Olivares

3rd place – Devin Hernandez

4th place – Eric Zinke


1st place – Kyle Caridine

2nd place – Aaron Kuruc

3rd place – “Ketchup” Curto

Placing in the BM-X-Treme Bike Competition:


1st place – Jack Hansen

2nd place – Brody Ervin

3rd place – Wyatt Rudzinski

4th place – Jase Valles


1st place – Dawson Stork

2nd place – Shawn Theman

3rd place – Tyler Marton

4th place – Connor Beber


1st place – Austin Urban

2nd place – Mike Gordon

3rd place – Tyler Reber

4th place – Reece Serginia

The event was co-sponsored by Warren Industries, Gateway Technical College, Sky High Skateboard Shop, 3rd Coast Bicycles and the Wednesday Optimist Club.

Information about PRCS events may be found at; by visiting the PRCS main office at 800 Center St, #127; or by calling (262) 636-9131.  PRCS may also be found on Facebook: