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I recently caught up with Dale Wamboldt, better known as local horror host Dr. Destruction, which isn’t an easy thing to do. It’s akin to trying to get five minutes with Santa Claus the week of Christmas. I arrived at his haunted Victorian mansion at midnight (his request, not mine), to find out just what makes him tick.

Dan Pavelich: A lot of us can point to pivotal moments from our past, which almost presented themselves as roadmaps to our future. What is your pivotal moment, maybe a favorite Halloween memory?

Dr. Destruction: Hands-down, my band Die Monster Die’s first gig at The Roosevelt Theater (Formerly located in Kenosha, demolished a few years ago). Playing on the stage where I saw and met the original Svengoolie, and saw many monster movies as a kid.

D.P.: With candy treats being such a big part of celebrating Halloween, Does Dr. Destruction have a favorite?

D.D.: The candy they call Buns. The maple-flavored ones TASTE like Halloween!

D.P.: At my house, Arsenic & Old Lace and Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein are required viewing. Can you recommend three favorite scary movies?

D.D.: Dracula (1931, starring Bela Lugosi), Bride Of Frankenstein (1935, starring Elsa Lanchester & Boris Karloff) and The Wolfman (1941, starring Lon Chaney, Jr).

D.P.: Who would you say inspired your creative direction?

D.D.: Bela Lugosi, Johnny Thunders, Dr. Cavarino and Stiv Bators.

D.P.: With everything the horror genre represents, from creepy crawlies to ghosts to Michael Myers, our readers want to know, what is it that scares Dr. Destruction?

D.D.: Our divided country.

You can find Dr. Destruction 4pm-8pm daily thru Halloween in his Haunted Manor, at Jerry Smith’s Pumpkin Farm, 7150 18th Street, Kenosha, Wi, 53144. You can also catch his Crimson Theater TV show on your local public access cable outlet.