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Whether it is the text messages, emails, phone calls or campaign ads, many Racine County voters are excited that this election season is done and over with.

The voter turnout for young people was huge this midterm election, though there is some concern from the older generations that these young people know nothing of politics and only showed to vote on the legalization of marijuana. As far as the candidate outcomes, some are pleased that Scott Walker is out of office, but others are showing concern for the state.

We’ll have more information on Racine County’s election numbers once those votes have been officially certified by the Racine County Clerk. But in the meantime, Racine County Eye asked several questions about the elections. Here’s how you answered them.

Q: Election Day is over. What are some of your thoughts on the outcomes?

A: “No more political text messages. Praise the lord!” – Katie Nikolai

A: “It was really nice to see so many young voters at the polls (regardless of political affiliation). The future belongs to them, they should be the ones deciding on what type of future that should be.” – Star Makela

A: “Glad Walker is gone!!” – Jami Vb

What brought Racine-area residents out to the polls?

Tension. It was high this for this midterm election and voter counts soared, especially for the younger generations. Most people went because it is an important duty as a US citizen to vote in every election, with a common rhetoric of: “If you don’t vote, your opinion doesn’t matter.”

Deep down the citizens of the US just want the right people (people from their chosen party) leading the country and going in a direction that helps everyone. Name calling, from both sides, was inevitable in this election. Confusion is no stranger to the election/voting process and there seemed to be some drawn to the voting booths because of the advisory referendum for the legalization of marijuana. 

Q: If you voted, what brought you to the polls today?

A: “It’s our most important duty as citizens, our chance to be heard. If you don’t vote, your opinion means nada … do your job today and every election day and vote.” – Dan Truttschel

A: “Too many things to list. I’ll start with needing to change the faces in Congress. Changing them to faces that represent ALL of the people.” – Sue Boswell-Smith

A: “Love reading all of the red snowflakes’ comments!” – KJ Jarstad

A: “Voting on marijuana. It’s been far too long” – Carolyn Dedeyne

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