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Governor-elect Tony Evers plan for the Foxconn project and the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) is dismaying to some. Evers said during his race that he would disband the WEDC.

Governor Scott Walker has spent much time and resources to develop the project, and the WEDC was particularly influential in bringing Foxconn to Racine County. Now that a new governor has been elected, many wonder what will happen to the WEDC and the Foxconn project.

“I don’t trust them with a $4 billion giveaway like the one to Foxconn,” Evers said. “As governor, I’ll disband WEDC and I’ll replace it with a state agency that, unlike WEDC, is accountable to taxpayers. That’s critical.”

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, told the Journal Times: “No matter what Tony Evers said about the WEDC, he can’t eliminate it. He can propose to eliminate it, but the Legislature would have to go along.”

“We are not going to allow Tony Evers to come in and screw up the Foxconn package,” Vos said. “I will never let that happen. It is too important to our region, it is too important to our state and I feel like we already, in good faith, negotiated and worked on this deal with one of the world’s largest corporations, and just because we had an election, doesn’t mean Wisconsin is going to break its word.”

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