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It is always best to have new ideas when it comes to choosing a family vacation. Whether you are seeking relaxation or adventure time with your family, there are many available and affordable luxury vacation homes. Therefore, it is best to narrow down what you need for your holiday before making a final decision.

Outlined, are some of the top-notch luxury homes for a family vacation.

Play Shack 2 Riverfront – Mount Buller, Victoria

Do you have several kids or have you hooked up with other families? Well, at Play Shack 2 Riverfront is the ultimate vacation home for you. The home can accommodate a maximum of four families. What’s more, this family vacation home is ideal during the winter season. There is a top floor play area full of indoor games such as table tennis, pool table among others. The family can also decide to go skiing for a change.

Barnsley House, Cotswolds, Gloucestershire

Barnsley House is located at the center of Barnsley village. The house is a perfect getaway home with a vast landscape full of beautiful gardens to see. The house is made of eye-catching unique design. The interior design is furnished to perfection. The house has a mixture of contemporary and a traditional setting that will suit everyone’s taste. If your family enjoys a garden retreat with open fire, Barnsley house is the perfect place. What’s more, indulge yourself with a spa treatment while overlooking the beautiful landscape. At Barnsley house, they have their own restaurant where they serve the local produces from their kitchen garden. If this is not your choice of food, you can visit the village pub where you will get a delicious meal.

Miramar Beach Retreat Montecito, California

This beach resort is best suited for young couples or a family of four. The house is spacious enough with two bedrooms. It is located in a friendly gated community with a beach outlook. The interior design of the house is exquisite with a stylish modern taste. There is also a private chef who will cater all your meals. The best part of this house is the chance to eat every meal on the wooden pacific while facing the deck. When bored, you can stroll on the beach or carry out water sports activities. The Miramar Beach retreat is near the renowned Oprah Winfrey home, making it a safe place to enjoy your vacation.

The Manor Farm, Pulham Market, Norfolk

For a family getaway or a group of friends, Manor Farm is the place to visit. The farmhouse is old but beautifully renovated to suit every need. It has a thatched roof with a pink facade. The farmhouse is isolated. Therefore, as a family, you will need a car to reach the destination. There is neither a phone signal nor WiFi makes it the best place to meditate and relax. In addition, the farmhouse offers the feeling of home away from home. You can cook your own meal and pack your car in the spacious parking space. The house is cozy with comfortable chairs and beds. If you want  a quiet, relaxing time, Manor Farm is the place for you.

Kerambellec, Brittany

This getaway cottage is for a family of four or more. The place offers a home away from home feeling with its cozy setting. The interior design of Kerambellec is more about hobbit style. The house is built with wood with a stone wall exterior. The bedrooms are cozy with built-in bunks. Apart from the interior decor, there is a heated swimming pool, a large garden with a private setting just for your family. This is the ultimate family getaway home where you can spend quality time with your family.

Umoja Bushvilla

Are you a lover of wildlife? Well, at Umoja Bushvilla is a dream come true. The amazing villa is located at Silonque nature reserve next to Kruger Park. The villa is surrounded by a fence with a big compound. There is a tennis court. Therefore, you will be able to see wild animals roaming freely as you play. There two swimming pools, one of them is a splash pool where your family can have fun. At Umoja Bushvilla, there is a self- catering service for every family that comes to visit. However, there are also many great restaurants nearby.

With so many places offering a perfect home for a family vacation, you do not have to struggle anymore. There are various vacation homes to visit at affordable prices. Visit to gather more details. It will assist you in reaching a decision first. You will be able to enjoy and spend quality time with your family.

Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.