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There are many foster children in Racine in need of shelter and a family. Now, there’s a new place for them to go called Peace of Mind Shelter Care, which is located at 4019 Kinzie Ave.

In Racine County, 227 children were placed in foster care  in 2018. But in 2017, the county had 366 children in foster care.

Dr. Arletta Frazier-Tucker and Myron Tucker started peace of Mind Shelter Care with the vision of providing youth ages 10-17 with temporary shelter while they wait for a permanent home. They developed Peace of Mind Shelter Care and it opened its doors in November 2018.

“Peace of Mind wants to be part of the solution by providing a safe, home-like environment to children in trauma. Above all else, we want vulnerable children and families to become stable and successful,” said Dr. Arletta Frazier-Tucker and Myron Tucker.

The county has a tiered system of care, meaning that their first priority is to place a child in need with a family member in what is called kinship care. But if that’s not an option, they will place a child in foster care, a group home, treatment foster care or residential treatment foster care.

Peace of Mind strives to provide trauma-informed care that is conducive to learning and growth. They take a holistic approach by addressing their basic, physical, emotional, academic, and wellness needs. Above all else, Peace of Mind aims to provide a healthy family environment.

For more information on Peace of Mind Shelter Care, contact Dr. Arletta Frazier-Tucker or Myron Tucker at 262.994.9985 or

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