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In a bit of bad news for Downtown Racine coffee drinkers, The Rush Coffee & Juice Bar at 321 Main St., has closed up shop.

Owner Heidi Linden has signed a book deal that will require a commitment in time in writing and travel, said a release from the company’s public relations representative. “It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity she just can’t pass up,” stated the press release. “This undertaking requires immediate attention and she will be unable to operate and run a business while doing this project.”

Other options were explored to remain open, but the owners were unable to make any other outcome happen.
Heidi Linden and her husband, said they hope someone will “step in and offer the same personable service, great drinks and healthy alternatives that The Rush provided.”

The Rush will still communicate for a limited time via its Instagram account for questions regarding recipes, products, and suggestions health alternative options.

“It has been an absolutely fun and amazing two years, and the best part has been all our customers, many of whom became friends and like family,” said Heidi Linden. “Our bev peeps were what made The Rush so awesome, and is our biggest disappointment with this abrupt event.

“To every person who walked through the door and shared a smile, a story, a laugh, a recipe, a hug, or a drink, we thank you so much for making it the best two years, and being what makes small business is supposed to be: about community and personable service.”

Rex Davenport

Rex Davenport is a reporter, editor and editorial project manager with more than 40 years of experience in newspaper, business magazines and other content channels.