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With a few trips to Michael’s and a handy glue gun, you can transform your bathroom with these easy at-home DIY bathroom projects.

  1. Mason Jar Bathroom Storage

Crafty, adorable, and useful is the epitome of DIY, and this project checks all those boxes. You can easily jazz up your mason jars with paints and labels. But why not take it a step further? Hang your mason jars on a wood plank to create a hanging wall organizer!

  1. DIY Tiled Mirror

This project is a bit more time-consuming, but it gives off such a polished, professional feel that it’s definitely worth it if you have some extra time on your hands! This requires thin plywood, small square tiles, adhesive, and grout. This beautiful mirror only ends up costing $60 dollars and perfectly highlights your bathroom vanity.

  1. DIY Rope Waste Basket

This project will give your cheap trash can a new lease on life without breaking the bank. All you need is a trash can, rope, and a glue gun. Start with the can upside down and glue a few rows of hot glue while pressing the rope down. You want to work fast and stick the rope onto the can before it dries, working efficiently to create straight horizontal rows. For some visual interest and a two-tone look, switch to a different rope color near the top of the wastebasket.

  1. DIY Shower Curtains

There are various ways you can spice up your bathroom, and one of those ways is by designing your own shower curtain. From flower patterns to ombre glitter, you have the final say in how far to take this DIY bathroom project. You can create whatever pattern you want on a piece of paper, transfer that design via invisible ink onto a plain white cotton shower curtain, and sew in your pattern with a sharp yarn needle!

  1. Cabinet Door Storage

If you’re tired of clutter in your bathroom and are running out of storage, you may want to consider creating storage bins for the back of your vanity doors. Follow this guide to create your own bathroom door storage bins.

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