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A 30-year-old Detroit woman is in Racine County Jail after attempting to use another woman’s identity and phony credit cards to open a new account and purchase mobile phones at several area cellular phone stores.

Mount Pleasant Police initially responded Monday to the Verizon Wireless store, 60354 Durand Ave. The store manager told police tried to open an account and presented a Wisconsin driver’s license as ID. The license was for a woman in Elm Grove, Wisconsin, but the word “Elm” was misspelled on the license. It was discovered that the woman trying to open an account already had an account in her name.

Verizon contacted the woman whose name was being used and she advised them it was not her seeking a new account.

An MPPD detective responded to the US Cellular store at 2860 Green Bay Road that had reported a female had also tried to open an account at the store and to purchase a cell phone. She reported used a Wisconsin driver’s license and a PNC Bank debit card and a gift card. None of the cards appeared to be valid, and the woman left the store saying she would get money and return.

The same MPPD detective answered a similar call at the Sprint store at 2500 S. Green Bay Road. Again, she tried to buy a phone and open an account. A fake ID and non-working credit card were used. The woman also reported used a phony Social Security number. The same woman tried to open an account and buy a mobile phone at the T Mobile store, 5762 Durand Ave.

Eventually, a Mount Pleasant Police officer caught up with the suspect at the Sprint store. The suspect matched the description of the picture on the license shown at all four stores. She was identified as Analyse Doris Calderon-Woods with an address in Detroit. MPPD detectives contacted the woman whose name and identifying information were used in the attempt to make the purchases. She told police that she had not been at any of the stores at the time her ID had been used.

Calderon-Woods has been charged with four counts of Felony Personal ID for Financial Gain. The crime carries a fine of up to $10,000 and imprisonment of up to six years. Or both.

Rex Davenport

Rex Davenport is a reporter, editor and editorial project manager with more than 40 years of experience in newspaper, business magazines and other content channels.