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People over 50 generally are a unique bunch, inasmuch as the majority of them have already been married, and if they have been married, have children. Because of the experience of being in a committed relationship, singles over 50 have a unique perspective on what they want and need.

  1. People over 50 come with more “issues, or baggage” than those of people half their age. Baggage is not necessarily a bad thing, but no one wants to date someone whose baggage takes up the entire luggage carousel of Alitalia at JFK. We learn from our mistakes and our experiences, but best to do one’s best at keeping the baggage to a carry-on. If you haven’t tried therapy to reduce your baggage, now is a great time.
  2. Dating styles have changed since our early dating years. What does that mean? We don’t necessarily NEED to date because of ticking clocks to have a family; we date because we want companionship and have someone to spend free time with. Life is sweeter with someone who you love and vice versa.
  3. People over 50 have a really good idea of what they want in a partner, and on the flip side, what they don’t want. It’s easier for them to nip bad relationships in the bud because of our keen gut instincts. As we age, time becomes more and more precious, and we have little of it to waste. When we were in our 20’s, we felt the world was our oyster but by our 50’s we have less time to find a pearl.
  4. Generally speaking, people over 50 have more confidence, and in turn, are more likely to speak their truth. A great way to translate this is if something is uncomfortable or uncertain to them, they will speak their minds. As previously stated, there is no time to waste and why be in a relationship where you can’t be honest not only with a potential partner but also with yourself?
  5. Seniors are more forgiving of body image and look at the quality of the person versus what the person looks like. Now, of course, there are those who seek a perfect looking person, but overall, it’s the core values and qualities-such as kindness, a generous heart, ability to listen, to help problem solve and support that seniors look for. Of course, everyone wants to have a handsome of gorgeous partner on their arm, but beauty is truly skin deep, and seniors look to the depth of a person versus appearance. Seniors also want a match financially, spiritually, and emotionally and similar interests and goals.

Lori Mendelsohn purposefully connects people both personally and professionally. Her intuitive skills have led to many successful introductions and ultimately marriages. Her business is called SmartFunnySingle and she can be reached at