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The Racine Police Department wants people to be aware of an increase in phone scams.  These scams seem to come up every year during tax season.  The scams consist of an automated call from the “IRS” or other agency saying that they owe money and will be taken to jail within 24 hours if they don’t pay.  The latest scam states that “enforcement action regarding your Social Security Number” will be taken.  The caller then attempts to obtain private information such as your social security number and date of birth.

The scams are extremely hard to investigate due to the method of contact and, in some instances, payment that the scammers have victims pay by.  Please be aware of this scam and be careful not to give out personal information to anyone over the phone.

All media inquiries regarding this incident should be directed to the attention of Sgt. Adam Malacara at (262) 635-7772.