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MOUNT PLEASANT, WI – An Illinois man was charged with several felonies — including suspicion of drunk driving — after he caused a two-car crash that resulted in a woman being injured.

Najid TD Jantuah, 18, was charged by the Racine County District Attorney’s Office with intoxicated use of a vehicle (great bodily harm), disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest. If convicted of all charges, Jantuah faces up to 13 years six months in prison.

According to a criminal complaint by the DA, officers with the Mount Pleasant Police Department responded to a report of a car that had run a red light and then t-boned a van on Saturday. The van had the right of way and the car Jantua was driving had the red light when he caused the crash.

Following the crash, the woman got out of the van but fell to the ground. She later told police she had severe pain in her right leg.

Another officer spoke to Jantuah, who smelled of alcohol and had difficulty walking, according to the criminal complaint.

“We attempted to have Nijad sit in the back of the squad… (but he) kept asking how he failed the test and was asking about his car,” the complaint reads.

Officers continued to talk Jantuah into getting into the backseat of their squad car, but he wouldn’t follow their orders. The officers pushed his body into the car, but Jantuah used his feet to grab the outside of the car to prevent them from pushing him in. Eventually, officers warned him that they would use their electronic control devices.

They then were able to get him into the squad and take him into police custody. But at the hospital, he then refused to obey their orders.

To overcome Jantuah’s active and passive resistance, officers continued to try to get him to comply with their orders and put his hands behind his back. Still refusing, the officer used his Taser on Jantuah.

“Nijad didn’t believe that we had a judge sign the warrant and still refused to comply and give a blood sample,” the complaint reads. “At this time we restrained (him) to the bed.”

The officers had to hold him down so that hospital staff could obtain a blood sample.

Racine County Court Commissioner Alice Rudebusch set a cash bond of $2,500. Jatuah is expected to be back in court at 8:30 a.m. on May 15.

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