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We want to wish all of the mom’s a very happy Mother’s Day. But we thought it would be fun to make things a little extra special and we held a Mother’s Day story contest. We had a hard time choosing just one person. So we decided to give two prizes.

Congratulations to our Mother’s Day contest winner Kristi Staley for her story about her mom Nancy Staley. She won $100 from the Racine County Eye.

Here is her entry:

The phrase ‘A mother’s job never ends’ is especially true for Mom.  Overcoming devastating family loss, difficult divorce, and challenging career, she independently parented three children to adulthood. Theoretically!   

My sister has severe disabilities/delusions, calls umpteen times per day, and frequently returns home.  Mom remains an active parent to my newly graduated brother and a friend and wedding planner to me. Overseeing my sister’s care is all-consuming, but Mom excels in a demanding job, remains a passionate volunteer, loyal friend, active community member and supportive wife – all while smiling.  Master of hardships, yet the archetype of happiness. Mother extraordinaire.”

And a big congratulations to the runner up Shannon Bardega for her story about her mom Janis Kling. She won $50 from the Racine County Eye.

Here is her entry:

“My Mom Rocks, let me tell you why. She has always put her family first she is thee most beautiful person inside and out! You’d never know it by looking at her now but she suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm on Christmas Eve 2004.

She was brought back and endured 2 long years of recovery having to learn how to speak, walk and be an adult all over again! She is such a fighter and still to this day she puts her wants and needs last. She goes above and beyond for her kids and grandchildren. She never ceases to amaze me. Her and my Dad will be married for 50 years this May 3rd, I think putting up with him for that long deserves an award of its own LOL but really she is a one in a million Mom!!”

We would like to thank everyone who participated in this giveaway! Keep an eye out for the next giveaway we have and if you want to know about them first, subscribe to our daily newsletter.