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The Racine Public Library, 75 Seventh Street, along with sponsor SC Johnson, honored the winners of the 19th annual Battle of the Books tournament, a contest for fourth and fifth-grade students from the Racine area, at a special event held at 5:30 pm on Friday, May 10, 2019 at Memorial Hall. The Winners’ Circle inductees are: GFA Slytherin Readers, Gilmore Fine Arts School – Tony Host, Marcus Thompkins, Anthony Gonzalez, Nar’ajha Haynes; Book Barracudas, Homeschool -Kaori Jeelani, Caleb Netherton; Phoenixes, Jefferson Lighthouse School – Alexis Hemba, Madhura Patil, Anmi Tao, Pafua Xiong; Lord of the Readers, The Prairie School – Luke Mattick, Cassandra Roche, Conner Peery, Philippe Ginestel; The 40 Book Lightning Squad, St. Lucy’s School – Holly Schlecht, Lukas Miller, Petra Nowak, Randi McGee; The Book Worms, St. Lucy’s School – Elena Knapp, Grayson Kirchenberg, Alaina Pitts, Linnea Foege; The Book Wizards, St. Lucy’s School – Scout Weidner, Rhegan Weidner, Jackson Meier. Three teams received a perfect score: Phoenixes from Jefferson Lighthouse School, and the 40 Books Lightning Squad and the Book Worms, both from St. Lucy’s School.

Teams that earned honorable mentions this year are: Falcon Readers, Fratt School – Scarlett Kibler, Omarion Moore, Janessa Hill; Memorable Readers, Gifford School – Finley Remington, Emma Willis, Lillian Yonkovich, Maisy Martone; GFA Milky Way Readers, Gilmore Fine Arts School – Madeline Racine, Savannah Speener, Emma Naegeli; Super Girls, Jefferson Lighthouse School – Amila Harris, Giana Grays, Janessa Scott; Master of the Books, The Prairie School – Nikki Ginestel, Chloe Babu, Brailey Johnson, Nolan Barrett; The Crazy Maniacs, The Prairie School – Liam Larsen, Sammy Antonneau, Dalton Ahlensdorf; The Book FBIs, The Prairie School – Sarah Lescher, Claire Meiri, Lindsay Schaefer.

187 teams, with a total of 670 battlers representing 30 area schools and homeschoolers participated in the Battle, which was waged March and April. Teams read from a list of 40 titles, chosen by Racine librarians.

Racine Public Library would like to congratulate this year’s Winners’ Circle as well as all participants in the 2019 Battle of the Books, and invite current third and fourth graders to read with us during the 2020 Battle of the Books season.

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