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This blog may be a bit out of character-why are we discussing pets when this is a dating blog?

It’s my up to the minute story, which, in a roundabout way pertains to love-the most devoted kind.

Two and a half weeks ago, I lost my beloved Jackson Brown-my senior Standard Poodle who was 12.5 years old. His death was sudden; he dislocated his hip and along with that, lost his will to live. It was one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make. Yet, I knew that his happiness was compromised and he gave me a wonderful goodbye as he passed. I will cherish him, his memory, and all the wonderful years we had together. It was a true story of love and devotion, the most loyal of all.

After Jackson’s death, I was devastated along with my remaining girl, Little Bit. You see, Bit had never been alone her entire life. She was depressed, distraught, and listless. A huge hole was in both our hearts. I knew that we had to rescue a boy who needed us, and by divine intervention, one came to us. His name is now Enzo, and as I write this, we are in our second day of cohabitating. The transition is going as well as can be expected. Lots of growling, stress, and acclimation to a new home. I have faith that in time my girl will come to love him and be happy she has another of her species with her.

I was lucky enough to find this boy because his first mother was given an ultimatum, per se, that its either the dog or her husband. Imagine how she felt being torn between a dog she raised from puppyhood-a smart, sweet Standard Poodle (non-shedding-hypoallergenic) or a husband who she pledged a life to and who is the father of her child? I, personally, could not make that choice, and if I had to, sadly, I may have chosen a different route than she. I’ve had better luck with dogs than men-perhaps due to loyalty issues, but if I had to make that choice, I would have been hard pressed to stay in the marriage. For me, someone who isn’t respectful or accepting of something that means so much to me-once it starts-where might it end? Will he start dictating what she should and shouldn’t be doing?

Bottom line in dating/marriage/relationships: respect needs to be there and mutual. Will a marriage or relationship survive if someone dictates? What have you found that is a deal breaker? How would you deal with an ultimatum such as this one?

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About the author

Lori Mendelsohn is a local resident. She purposefully connects people both personally and professionally through her company SmartFunnySingle. Her intuitive skills guide her to introductions and that has resulted in many marriages. Nothing makes her happier using her true purpose in life.

If you have dating and relationship advice, feel free to email her at She is currently recruiting singles who wish to date amazing clients for dating leading to long-term relationships.