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The newest season of the National Football League (NFL) tournament is coming soon this September. With the dangers still brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, the NFL organizers have to strictly implement new rules to secure the health and safety of the players. That said, the seeding process is cut short, and there were only 33 competing teams that the fans can expect.

While it’s true that the fans and bettors can anticipate a shorter edition of the NFL games this year, there are no changes when it comes to the betting games. However, as football plays progress sooner, everyone should expect that there are no spectators when games are taken, and betting is played online.

Therefore, as you go along and get thrilled about the upcoming NFL season, you must also understand how you can bet on the NFL online. Below is your guide to the betting games you can play in your dedicated online sportsbook as soon as the NFL starts.

Point Spread

The points spread is the most plated betting game in all NFL games. Before you play this betting game, you must first understand that the oddsmaker sets the value between two competing teams based on their records. The value depends on the careful analysis these oddsmakers do on the probability and outcome of the game.

Once the value is set, you can see that the two teams are now identified as favorites or underdogs. The favorites are then listed first by a negative (-) sign before the value. On the other hand, the underdog comes in the same value but listed in a positive (+) sign. If you bet for the favorites, they must win the game more than the value set, while the underdog must only accumulate the total score the same as the value being set.

Moneyline Bets

Moneyline is a more straightforward bet you can play in the NFL. It is for all bettors who only want to gamble who can win the entire game. While points spread sets the value of how should the favorites and underdogs end up the match, the moneyline bets set the exact money you can win if you bet on either the underdogs or favorites.

In the same manner, the favorites and underdogs come in the same placement and sign but differ in the amount set. Regardless of how much the oddsmaker asks you to wager, the whole prize depends on the money outlined on the odds. Also, oddsmakers usually ask you to pay higher when you bet for the favorites while only an even amount for the underdogs.

Proposition Bets

Popularly known as the “prop bets,” this type of NFL betting game is for gamblers who love predictions. These games can be played at the start, during, or nearing to an end. Also, it depends on the bookie how much prize they are going to set to win every prop bet. It usually comes in a lesser value.

To play this betting game, the sportsbook sets questions, and you must predict the outcome of the proposition being raised. Some of these prop bets are answerable by a yes or no, while some need value and the right team or player to place. It is an easier betting game to play, and you only need the right analytical skills to win against the bookies.


Totals are commonly known as the over/under bets. The same with the prop bets, this is also one of the easiest betting games you can play in the NFL. It does not require you to analyze each player’s and team’s statistics. It also doesn’t ask you to layout all your betting prowess because it comes effortlessly.

This betting game takes place when the oddsmaker sets the value or total score that the whole game can end up. One team is set to finish the game over the value while the other one gets the under bet. If the game finishes with a lower score than the value set and you bet for the under, you win. On the other hand, if it goes more than the value and you wager for the over, you can bring home the prize.


This betting game is played by bettors who are loyal to their chosen team regardless of the statistics and placements. It is where you can gamble for a team that can earn the divisional conference title or the NFL championship trophy. Also, the oddsmakers are the ones setting the value along with the money you can win for the entire NFL season.


Betting for the NFL games, especially in the upcoming season, is overwhelming at the same time fulfilling. Aside from that, the NFL betting games are easy to play, and the oddsmaker gives you a reasonable amount to win. Thus, when the newest season of NFL comes in, don’t forget to play the betting games listed above, as this is your way of earning efficiently for the said tournament.


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