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Chemistry. No one can predict it and no one can explain when it happens-but WHEN it happens…it’s heady. Magical. Powerful.

Is it truly chemical-your bodies reaction to a hormonal high-purely sexual or, is it imagined?

How do you explain it? It’s beyond body language, but that is a tremendous part of it. It’s clearly the feeling you get when things “click” and something we all need and want. I personally don’t believe you get it over time…I believe you have it right away, or not.

Experts say that six things happen when chemistry finds its way to you:

What you say and do isn’t forced, and you aren’t thinking about every word you say-its purely natural. Now, on a first date, most of us are nervous as heck, and often say things we wish we could rewind. However, when you are actively thinking about what you are going to say, you most likely do not have chemistry.

The other person’s body language is facing towards you and not angling themselves away. I recently met someone who faced me head on and came very close to me. While it was a bit off-putting, I found it to be a tremendous turn on. It was as if he was taking control of me. On the flip side, if someone is standing next to you, and you are both looking at the same thing, that can be construed as disinterested.

You’re making eye contact and feel like you are looking into their soul. Well, you may actually be doing that, but it doesn’t feel strange-it feels energizing.

The way you two move together feels like an extension of yourself. You move in sync and not against each other. It’s almost rhythmic.

When you are conversing, it’s equal. The conversation goes back and forth and it’s a give and take, where one asks-then the other answers, and then vice versa. You want to find out more about someone and find out important details about the person. You make a connection intellectually.

Your instincts hold true. You don’t doubt what is going on, it just happens. And you let it ebb, flow and take its course. You don’t have to push things, rush things. They happen in due time and you have confidence in your gut that all will work out as it should. And after you meet, you can’t stop thinking about them.

About the author

Lori Mendelsohn is a local resident. She purposefully connects people both personally and professionally through her company SmartFunnySingle. Her intuitive skills guide her to introductions and that has resulted in many marriages. Nothing makes her happier using her true purpose in life.

If you have dating and relationship advice, feel free to email her at She is currently recruiting singles who wish to date amazing clients for dating leading to long-term relationships.


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