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Wisconsin ranked as the 6th most patriotic state in the entire United States, according to

This ranking was based on 13 different indicators under the categories of Military Engagement and Civic Engagement. Our ranking for military engagement was #46, while our civic engagement is at #4. Here are some more findings from the data that was collected.

  • 16th – Peace Corps Volunteers per Capita
  • 2nd – % of Adults Who Voted in 2016 Presidential Election
  • 10th – Volunteer Rate
  • 1st – Civics Education Requirement
  • 7th – Volunteer Hours per Resident
  • 26th – AmeriCorps Volunteers per Capita

We asked our readers “What are the characteristics of a good patriot?” and here are some of the answers we received:

Ed WillingSomeone dedicated to the health and productivity of their community, and the character and defense of their nation. Someone who buys into and appreciates the fabric of the country they’re born into or become a part of.”

Chynna Rose “Living by our principles. Life, liberty, happiness. Freedom from persecution. The idea that we are all created equal.”

Little Garden Daycare “Vote! Know or learn the history of your country, state, county…, keep informed of current issues.”

Kathy Collins “Accepting others who are not the same religion, color, sexual orientation. Live and let live.”

Darren Matavka “Patriot loves our country and demonstrates it by supporting and modeling its values, including our Bill of Rights, Diversity, and Freedom.”

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What are the characteristics of a good patriot?

Posted by Racine County Eye on Monday, 24 June 2019

In 2018 Milwaukee was ranked #7 for “The Best Places to Celebrate 4th of July” and Madison was ranked at #17

Here are some of the 4th of July events happening in Southeast Wisconsin:

  • Racine Fourth Fest
    • Parade Starts at 9 am on Main St.
    • Fireworks at the lakefront at dusk
  • Union Grove
    • Parade starts at 9 am at the Racine County Fairgrounds and proceeds E. on HWY 11 to HWY 45 N. and ends at Union Grove High School

Events will be updated as their announced.