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I recently met someone who totally Gobsmacked me.

I wasn’t prepared. I wasn’t ready, I wasn’t “made up” and wearing something that I thought would “be attractive.” In fact. I was wearing a red vest with a tag on it that said “Info.” I was at the Lakefront Festival of the Arts and volunteering my time so I could go to the show and help the cause.

Apparently, red vests are attractive to certain creative types.

Have you ever heard the term “It will happen when you least expect it?” Well, it’s true, which is a great reason for you to always look your best, BUT we all know that’s an impossible task. We go about our daily lives and we run into a market in sweats and no make-up, and BAM! It happens.

This man asked me out that evening. I was excited to feel that connection again, but of course, followed my own advice and asked several questions before accepting or rejecting the invitation. Came to find out that he is in a relationship, and when someone is in one, (even if they preface by saying its OVER) I respectfully walk away. No good can come of doing something bad. Look me up when you’ve deconstructed the macramé.

What made me get all up in arms was not the fact that he asked me out (and he’s with someone else), but that seismic power of feeling something again. Feeling that intoxicating kaboom of sensuality, desire, giddiness, and HOPE. That sweet, sweet feeling of exhilaration-of being found attractive, desired and solidifying that there is someone out there for each of us. That feeling of pure euphoria and light…so rare and so darned elusive.

What I took away from this is that I was given a gift. The gift was acknowledgment that I have something to offer. And someone else sees that light, too. I know what I have, but it’s nice for someone else to acknowledge it. Like the tree falling in the forest…unless it’s seen or heard, is it really there?

Lori Mendelsohn

Lori Mendelsohn is a professional matchmaker. With a knack for introducing people who wind up saying, “I do,” she can be reached at Her website is