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WISCONSIN — Back-to-school shoppers who took advantage of a five-day sales tax holiday in Wisconsin in 2018 will undoubtedly be disappointed that the event will not take place in 2019.

You may have seen some websites claiming that Wisconsin has a 2019 sales tax holiday that pertains to school supplies. Those websites do not have correct information. Here’s the real list.

Last August, Wisconsin held its first sales tax holiday after Gov. Scott Walker signed legislation enacting the five-day event. Walker, who was up for re-election at the time, would end up being defeated in November by Tony Evers.

According to a New York Times article published recently, Wisconsin has no plans to repeat it. Patty Mayers, communications director for the state’s Department of Revenue, said so in a July 19, 2019 interview. “That was a one-time occurrence.”

This year, 16 states across the U.S. are participating in sales tax holidays.

The sales tax holidays cover a wide range of gear. For example, in Mississippi, residents will not be taxed on clothing and footwear over late July, and won’t be taxed on firearms, ammunition and hunting supplies in late August.

The state of Florida, probably in an astute move, doesn’t tax on select disaster preparedness items in early June, and then hosts a second tax holiday for school supplies in early August.

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