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The City of Racine Police and Public Health Departments would like to remind the public that city ordinance prohibits animals in most parks, beach, cemetery or public swimming area.   There is also an ordinance making it unlawful to leave animal waste on public or private property.  These ordinances are in effect so that there is no health risk to the public.

When animal owners neglect to pick up after their animals, waste that is left behind can wash into storm drains.  The waste then becomes a pollutant in the runoff that drains into local waterways, lakes and rivers.  On land, as well as in the water, the waste left by pets can spread harmful diseases through numerous types of bacteria and parasites.     

Be a responsible pet owner and always pick up after your pet.  Keep in mind while out with your pets that they are prohibited in most parks (unless on a leash), beaches, cemeteries and public swimming areas.  The public should be aware that people found in violation of these ordinances can be fined between $124 and $187.