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Marc Cohen and The Blind Boys of Alabama

Work To Do (BMG)


Marc Cohen teams with The Blind Boys of Alabama to make a truly joyful noise. Cohen, of “Walking In Memphis” fame, still has the same husky pipes that made that song such a tremendous international hit. Adding The Blind Boys of Alabama to the proceedings is like adding a delicious steak sauce to a tender ribeye.

Cohen brings about half of these tunes to the table, including a redo of his aforementioned hit, with traditional gospel and folk songs rounding out the set. “Walk In Jerusalem” and “Amazing Grace” are particularly special moments, where all of these great voices blend into a soulfulness not often heard. All involved should make room on the mantle for their forthcoming Grammys.


Victorious (Atlantic)


I was actually really interested to listen to this. Skillet has a reputation for being a hard-working live band, and has been nominated or won several Christian rock awards.

Unfortunately, this record played without much interest from me. True enough, the slick production is exactly what a top-notch contemporary rock record should sound like, but the songs just didn’t connect with me. I listened through twice, and still couldn’t name one of the songs, if asked.


50th Anniversary Collection (Rhino)

Celebrating their 50th anniversary, Rhino has assembled the definitive America package. America absolutely cornered the folk-rock movement of the 1970’s and produced more hits than you can shake a stick it. They’re all here, crisply remastered; “A Horse With No Name”, “Ventura Highway”, “Don’t Cross The River,” and a few dozen more.

There are a couple of nifty rarities as well, like the demos for “Sergeant Darkness” and “Sister Golden Hair,” and an alternate, early take of “Ventura Highway.” With 50 songs in all (get the tie-in?), this is a fantastic overview of an often-overlooked American band.

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